Floor Cleaning Orlando

Floor Cleaning Orlando

Cleaning Hardwood Floors in Orlando

Cleaning hardwood floors should be done regularly to maintain the longevity of the wood. The best way to clean a hardwood floor is to wash it with water with a dry cloth. At Orlando Move Out Cleaning, we can make your hardwood floors look as good as new and as clean as possible.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors:

  • First, the easiest solution: you can just buy a chemical spray for routine hardwood maintenance.
  • For a more complex cleaning, it’s best to call a cleaning company to make sure the floors are cleaned in a way that doesn’t accidentally damage the floors. There are also special brooms to clean the surface of the floors (but not efficient to get rid of grease, marks and bacteria).

Cleaning Laminate Floors in Orlando

Laminate floors usually contain four layers and because of this, laminate floor cleaning is a challenge for many businesses. Fortunately, Orlando Move Out Cleaning Services commercial janitors can help! Starting from the bottom of the floor and working to the top, the 4 layers of laminate flooring are:

The 4 Layers of Laminate Flooring

  1. the wear layer (this is the most durable part of the floor; this layer provides protection against “wear and tear” and is stain resistant)
  2. the image layer (this is the image of the wood or stone that you see in the finished product)
  3. the core layer (this is the thickest part of the floor)
  4. the moisture-resistant layer

How to Cleaning Laminate Floors

If laminate floors are cleaned with the wrong materials (like soap and abrasive cleaners) ugly streak marks can be visibly seen “as a result of cleaning”. This is why it is best to hire a professional cleaning company in Orlando who specializes in laminate floor cleaning. Because laminate floors have a thick core layer and thin wear layer, certain types of cleaning items are can ruin the floor. A wet mop, polish or wax, any kind of tough cleaner, soap-based cleaners, and standing water should not be used when laminate floors are washed. Instead it is best to clean laminate floors by sweeping with a soft brush or broom used only for indoors, by vacuuming dirt, using a dry mop, and a (very wrung out) damp mop.

Tile Cleaning in Orlando

Effectively cleaning tiles have always been a challenge in Orlando offices and buildings. Just mopping the tiles won’t make them clean, especially if you want to clean the grout located between the cracks of the tiles. So then how does one clean the tiles? They don’t. There is expensive machinery available to clean tiles (which we have and use), but it’s cheapest to hire a professional cleaning company. At Orlando Move Out Cleaning Services, we use the latest in cleaning technology to get effective cleaning done.

Tile Cleaning Process

Our tile cleaning process involves heat, high-pressure rinse, and vacuuming. We use a special cleaning solvent to clean tiles and grout effectively. This process is the most effective way to clean tiles. At Orlando Move Out Cleaning Service, we clean tiles in a way most home and business owners aren’t able to do because they don’t have the resources to do so.