House Cleaning Services Orlando

House Cleaning Services Orlando

Standard House Cleaning

It’s time to stop getting on your hands and knees to scrub your toilets — instead, let someone else do the job for you! With our standard professional house cleaning, we focus on making your daily life easier. Not only will we vacuum and mop your floors, but we’ll also wipe down all high-touch surfaces. We’ll even be happy to load and unload your dishwasher, so that’s yet another thing you won’t have to worry about. Additionally, we’ll make sure we dust and sanitize all important areas, especially your bathrooms.

Deep House Cleaning

Think about the last time your home got a true deep cleaning. We’re talking about down to the nitty-gritty cleaning of the places you usually skim over in your regular cleaning process. With our deep cleaning house service, we do the same things we would do in our standard package. However, we’ll also clean the inside of your oven and refrigerators, which is huge when that hasn’t happened in months or even years. Our deep cleaning package also includes cleaning the baseboards and the inside of your windows for a bottom-to-top clean.

Apartment/Condo Cleaning

Apartments are perfect for college students looking for their first taste of independence. They’re great for couples or adults just starting out. In many cases, they always come with a lot of perks, such as a community pool and gym and nearby amenities. In short, everything is taken care of for you. And just because an apartment or condo is smaller doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a regular cleaning service as a house would. There are still nooks and crannies that don’t get touched for months and carpets that can hold up to four times their weight in dirt and bacteria. 

As a resident, you deserve a home that’s clean and sanitized. As a landlord, you deserve to have a cleaning crew that can be trusted to have everything taken care of daily. 

Frequently Ask Questions

Deep cleaning is considered a one-time initial service and usually takes twice as much time as regular (light) cleaning. Regular cleaning can be a one-time service if you just moved in, or your current cleaner can make it. However, in most cases, it is considered a repeating maintenance service. Very important is to understand that regular cleaning is maintenance cleaning. Deep cleanings will prepare your house for regular maintenance light cleaning. Sometimes customers think that their homes don’t need a deep cleaning to save money. Unfortunately, when we would provide light cleaning for a house that needs a good deep cleaning, customers will be disappointed with the results cos cleaners will have not enough time to clean correctly or finish the whole house. Also, they will have to move to another customer we schedule right after your home. Our company uses the preventing system to avoid these unpleasant situations confirming our cleaners’ estimates before they start to clean the house during the first visit. So customers will be aware of the current situation.


Another significant difference is that cleaners move all light furniture and clean behind and under them during deep cleanings. Customers love it, and houses need it once in a while.


Both regular and deep cleanings include cleaning of the entire house. Baseboards, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Floors, Dust. However, deep cleaning is more detail orientated, and that is also why it takes longer than regular cleaning. For example, if you have a shower door with a hard water deposit build upon it, that is a hard job for cleaners to remove it, and to get results, cleaners have to scrub the water stains 2 -3 times in a row. During a deep cleaning, cleaners have time to wipe down or scrub the baseboard in the whole house with a wet cloth or brush. During a regular cleaning, however, there in time, only quickly dust it with a duster.

We are asking the right questions. Customer who lives in the house longer than five months and never had professional cleaners before will most likely need a deep cleaning. Customers who moved in recently or customers who had professional cleaners 2 or 4 weeks ago can start with light, regular maintenance cleaning immediately.

Yes. Please leave these special instructions when you book your appointment online. If we have any questions, we will contact you. If you feel that we did not follow your instructions or request, please give us feedback in the survey that you will receive right after the cleaning is completed. We will get in touch with you promptly to resolve the issue.

No. You have to count all extra rooms like a bedroom, except for the kitchen and living room. (e.g., dining room, office, etc.). If you want to include the basement, you must count every room.

OK, in this case, we highly recommend ordering a deep cleaning anyway, so there will be time to perform a deep cleaning if your house needs a deep cleaning. However, if your home will need only light cleaning, cleaners will tell you before they start, and we charge accordingly. A good tip is to look at your baseboards, and if they need a wet cleaning process, you most likely will need a deep cleaning. Another information is when you will look at your shower, and if there is a mold or will need scrubbing water stains, you most likely will need a deep cleaning. If your kitchen cabinets or floor need good wiping and moping, you are asking for deep cleaning. If your house is very dusty, you need deep cleaning.


If your house is empty, you need a move in/ out cleaning.


If some construction work were done in your house recently, you would need post-construction cleaning.